David Curtis

1916699_681871391915340_4361405498889320671_nIt was quite a thrill to have noted Artist and teacher David Curtis, (www.davidpcurtis.com) and his wife Judy, a well know author and art historian visit the Whistler House Museum of Art / Lowell Art Association, Inc. I met David four years ago at an art class he was teaching at New Hampshire Institute of Art and I have studied with him periodically ever since. Both David and Judy have been instrumental in my continued development as an artist! What has always been fascinating to myself and other artist who have worked with David is some of the methods, techniques, and philosophy that you learn have a linkage all the way back to the French painters in Paris such as Jean -Leon Gerome. David studied under the famed Boston teacher R. H. Ives Gammell (1893-1981). Gammell studied with William Paxton, Edmond Tarbel and Joseph Decamp among others who had got their training in Paris. David’s father was also a painter and friend of one of my favorites, Aldro Hibbard (1886-1972). The Whistler owns fourteen Hibbards so it was fun to hear Hibbard stories as we toured the collection. As well as an established painter David has been active throughout his career with the North Shore Arts Association, the The Guild of Boston Artists and the Rockport Art Association where is currently president. During their visit we made sure that they toured the beautiful works and studios of the other two artist in the Whistler. Portrait and still life artist Lisa Kovvuri Fine Art and Mary Rose OConnell Fine Art. Mary Rose also studied with David in the past and knows David and Judy well especially through her exhibitions as a juried member at the Rockport Art Association and The North Shore Arts Association